• Impact of Near Real-Time NGAL assessment on Clinical Practice

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    An article published in Kidney International Reports demonstrated the clinical impact of monitoring NGAL serially.  The study showed that dynamic changes in NGAL are predictive, prognostic and theragnostic and may potentially serve as clinical support for AKI.

    "As intensivists, we do everything we can to stay prepared for how our patients will change from one point to the next. It is therefore important for me to have markers of illness that are dynamic, like my patients. NGAL is one of those markers and in multiple ways. NGAL provides highly reliable information for understanding who of my patients is at risk of AKI and which patients with AKI will get better or worse in the short term. This information helps me adjust my supportive management and limit any preventable further injury to the kidneys. More than that, however, is that the dynamic changes in urine NGAL, meaning how NGAL changes over time, allows me to predict how my patients will respond to the different strategies I consider to manage fluid balance. In many patients, I have found that urine NGAL values are dynamic, just like my patients, and the information serial measurements of NGAL provides helps me optimize my interventions related to fluid balance and stay prepared for what lays ahead," says Dr. Rajit Basu, MD MS FCCM, Research Director of Critical Care, Children's Healthcare of Atlanta.

    “The five case studies not only support the ability of NGAL to be predictive of AKI earlier than standard of care but also as a monitoring tool that can be supportive, additive and aid in clinical decision support. These cases demonstrate that serial NGAL monitoring can impact patient care" said Mr. Peter Mørch Eriksen, CEO of BioPorto.

    The full article can be found here.


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